What's next

The choice is yours

Our to-do list is full of great projects and like you, we can't wait to make them a reality. Unfortunately, not everything can be done at the same time and we regularly have to make difficult choices. This time, you can choose what we develop first. We have made a selection of 4 important projects for Gulden. Choose wisely between long and short term results. You can vote in our Slack channel from March 30th until April 4th.



Epoch is a long term scalability solution for Gulden. It will reduce the disk space, sync time and bandwidth usage on first run; as well as limiting the long term disk space requirements to a reasonable predetermined maximum size.
Epoch will prevent the runaway disk size requirements that are otherwise inevitable with a blockchain over a long time period, while also providing some other benefits to the network.

Use case

Susan installs a new Gulden wallet and is pleasantly surprised when it is fully up and running in only a few minutes, years later she does another new install and despite the fact that the blockchain has grown massively since the first install, the install is as fast or even faster than before. Epoch has kept the data requirements of the blockchain in check while technology has improved leading to a constant or improved performance instead of deterioration over time.

Community's choice


Migrate all our wallets (mobile and desktop) to a single unified back end, instead of separate code for each. Benefits include: faster roll out of new features, changes and bug fixes made once instead of multiple times; performance improvements and reduced battery usage (mobile); easier roll out of special Gulden builds for new platforms.

Dev case

We want to roll out a new low level feature X; Instead of writing the code for it 3 separate times (Desktop; iOS; Android) and finding and fixing any bugs on all 3 platforms individually we instead only have to write the majority of code once with testing and bug fixes on each platform also benefiting all the other platforms.


Optionally receive payments with an easy to type/remember identifier like a username or email address instead of a complex Gulden address. Alias will help bring a new level of usability to Gulden by offering new user friendly options without compromising the existing options that are already in place.

Use case

Susan has Nick on the phone and wants to send him a Gulden payment, Nick has registered his email [email protected] as an alias so gives this alias to Susan who can easily send him the payment.


Nomad will allow users to connect with the Gulden software and transact in a decentralised way over https without the fuss of complex port configurations and firewalls.
Gain access to the Gulden network anywhere where the web is available, no special setup required.

Use case

Nick takes his laptop with him to work and in his lunch break wants to make a Gulden payment, he doesn't know that his work has an aggressive firewall that would usually stop this from working, nor does he know what a firewall is, and he doesn't have to because Gulden seamlessly switches to Nomad mode and everything just works.

How to vote

Voting: March 30 20:00 (CET) — April 4 20:00 (CET)