January Development Update

Gulden 2.0:
The Gulden 2.0 release is still being tested with bugs being fixed and retested until we are 100% confident each one can be written off the list. This process is time consuming but worth the peace of mind that when 2.0 is ready for release, your Gulden will be safe and secure with all functions working as intended across all platforms.

Android and iOS:
Both mobile platforms are being worked on by our dedicated iOS and Android developers. We expect to have an update for both fairly soon.

Influx of new users and seeder issue experienced:
Since december last year we have had a major growth spurt in users which put some strain on our network. Particularly users that have setup dedicated nodes to participate on our network weren’t being discovered by our DNS seeders, this resulted in a few new users experiencing initial syncing issues. We have improved the situation experienced with changes to the code base aswell as bulking up our DNS seeders. We also found a better way to cater for nodes that don’t have a static IP address.

IBAN amendments:
When sending Gulden to your IBAN through your wallet you will need to make sure you have verified your IBAN account at by adding your first and last name to the verification process. Presently the wallets do not include the first and last name fields but will be made available in a future update.