Gulden for iOS with desktop link functionality is now available in the App Store

With this function you can use an account from your Gulden desktop app on your mobile phone.

There are a ton of improvements that have made the app faster and more stable.

Gulden for iOS will now be issued by B.V. and no longer by Nocks.

We recommend the following methods to move your Gulden to the new version (in any case, write down your recovery phrase).

Do you have a Gulden desktop app?
Create an account in your desktop app and choose “connect to mobile Gulden app”, in the B.V. app you choose “link wallet”.
Send the Gulden from your old Gulden for iOS app to this mobile account.

Only have the old Gulden for iOS app?
Write down the recovery phrase and open the B.V. app, choose “Recover wallet” and fill out your recovery phrase. After the synchronisation your Gulden will be visible. You can now delete the old app.