Development moves to our public Gulden repository

As of this weekend the team has decided to push all the development for PoW², SegSig and Sonic to our public repository – All future development will be done directly to this location.

The main reason we worked on a private repository in the past were for technical reasons that have now fallen away, to control beta testing so that our releases could be a surprise and to prevent others from compiling unfinished updates and running it.

However we feel transparency and giving other independent developers the opportunity to add their own commits outweighs the above as users should only be downloading their wallets from the official Gulden homepage.
The other side benefit is our community can see how much effort is being put into developing Gulden on a daily basis.

This change is a continuation of the new policy from our previous announcement While in the past a separate development repository was necessary where an easier to merge but more complicated to work with (experts only) version of the code base lived, this was then transformed for each release using a series of scripts to provide a “public friendly” version for the public facing codebase. Now that we have moved away from being a direct Bitcoin fork we have been able to simplify things so that this is no longer necessary and development can be more streamlined.