Release notes:

Today we release an interim 1.6.4 update, there is various functionality that we needed to get out to our users and more specifically to enable merchants to build better systems. Specifically we are excited to now officially support the ability to have a completely read only HD wallet that can view all transactions/accounts that a normal HD wallet has, as well as the ability to link single read only HD accounts from a different wallet, this is a much sought after feature for our services who can use this to air gap their merchant sites and roll out more secure systems faster.


CMDFLAG – Add new command line flag ‘-coinbasesignature’ to make it easy to add coinbase signatures to generated blocks (predominantly meant for testnet)
CMDFLAG – Add new command line flag ‘-accountpool’ to increase the default account look ahead size. (Needed in some cases to find accounts on rescan when large account gaps are present)
UI – Add a special warning if the users wallet.dat is readonly (instead of displaying a generic/scary ‘corrupted wallet’ message)
UI – Improvements to send dialog, improve handling when user tries to send amounts equal too or larger than available balance.
UI – New menu item for importing private keys.
UI – New menu item to allow users to easily rescan without having to use command line flags or mess around in RPC console.
UI – Improve the way rescan (and other actions that require progress) display in the program.
UI – Fix a bug where transaction screen would sometimes show transactions for all accounts instead of just the active one.
RPC – Modify createaccount command so that it can also create legacy accounts.
RPC – New commands for read only (watch) HD accounts. getreadonlyaccount, importreadonlyaccount.
RPC – New command for read only (watch) HD seeds, getreadonlyseed.
RPC – New ‘deleteaccount’ command
RPC – Modify ‘move’ command so that it can handle `-1` as input for the amount field, passing ‘-1’ will calculate the available balance in the account for the confirmation level passed and transfer all of it.
RPC – Merge a bug fix from user ‘mezrin’ for ‘dumpwallet’ command.
RPC – Fix a bug in command ‘gettransaction’ where transaction would not show if ‘rpconlylistsecuredtransactions’ flag was set to false.
CORE/RPC/UI – Support for read only (watch) HD accounts.
CORE/RPC/UI – Support for read only (watch) HD seeds.
CORE – Assorted other minor bug fixes.


Development on Prime is progressing nicely and we still on schedule to release near the estimated release date.