Gulden 2.0
Up to 58% more
Secure transaction speed
Gulden 2.0
Up to 1200% faster
Initial wallet sync speed
Gulden 2.0
Up to 4800% faster
Requirement to double spend 1 confirmation
Gulden 2.0
71% PoW
71% Witness
50% PoW
Gulden 2.0 is currently in development. Click here for our roadmap.
Daily block gaps in seconds


A peek inside the development process

Many of you are at this point eagerly waiting to hear the latest about our upcoming PoW² release, is it done yet, when will it be ready etc. In the absence of information gossip and rumour take over, so rather than leaving things open to speculation we thought it would be better just to give a quick update.

The 2.0 release

The core changes of PoW² itself are at this point essentially done, and ready to begin testing. And we are excited to do just that, however there are some obstacles still to overcome.
“What obstacles could those possibly be?” is probably the question that comes to your mind immediately, I mean surely this release is only PoW² so if that is done then the release is done?

Well, no, there is a lot more to a properly done major release than that, a few things to consider:

  • PoW² will break backwards compatibility so there needs to be a smooth transition process to ensure everyone can upgrade and as few issues as possible are experienced
  • Many users don’t update frequently so we need to make sure this release contains as many bug fixes as we can.
  • We also need to ensure that it is as forward compatible as possible with future changes that we want.

So what else needs to be done for the 2.0 release:

  • We should update to the latest bitcoin codebase and make sure we test and release the latest code with the most recent bug fixes – good news this is already done.
  • We should decide what to do about SegWit.
  • We should make sure that we have implemented everything in a way that works best for the coin going forward.


So what does SegWit have to do with PoW²? Well nothing, and everything all at the same time. Directly they have nothing whatsoever…


Mobile apps
Desktop apps

Combat the wild fluctuations in hash rate. Reduce long block time gaps without the need for additional dedicated hash rate.

Gulden for iOS

New graphics and updated UI. Latest codebase updates. Nocks integration.

(100% funded)

Gulden for Android

Completely new UI. Latest codebase updates. Nocks integration.

(100% funded)

Available on Google Play

Project Q

IBAN/SEPA Integration.


Next Generation Desktop UI. Fully integrated accounts with mnemonic HD support. HD link feature between Mobile and Desktop. Bitcoin and IBAN payments in desktop wallets.


Improve block targeting by 23%. Reduce long blocks by 60%.


Support for read only (Watch) HD accounts and seeds. Additional RPC commands and UI changes added for HD account support and ease of use improvements.

Gulden 2.0 - PoW² I

Increased protection against double spends. Faster acceptance of transactions.

Click here for the whitepaper

Estimated release date:
August 2017


A blockchain that is 25% more efficient. Solves the malleability issue.


Wallet ready to use in minutes instead of hours.


Secure zero confirmation transactions.


More information coming soon.

The information provided in this document is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.