Gulden 2.0
Up to 58% more
Secure transaction speed
Gulden 2.0
Up to 1200% faster
Initial wallet sync speed
Gulden 2.0
Up to 4800% faster
Requirement to double spend 1 confirmation
Gulden 2.0
71% PoW
71% Witness
50% PoW
Gulden 2.0 is currently in development. Click here for our roadmap.
Daily block gaps in seconds


August Development Update

We are now quite a bit past the initial release estimate for PoW² and while we are almost ready for release we are still not quite there yet.
Understandably some are quite anxious to see the release happen, as we ourselves are too, however good development cannot be rushed so we must be patient for a bit longer.

As we understand that it can be more difficult for those outside the project without the knowledge that we have on the inside of what is going on, and that in the absence of this information some start to assume the worst, we thought we would give a bit more information to those that are waiting.

Sequence of events

I) SegWit – Oct 2016

As some of you may know ‘SegWit’ has been a long ongoing argument in the Bitcoin community for quite some time now.
It first came onto the Gulden radar when we released 1.6.0 last year, with quite a lot of people questioning whether we would activate it etc. – at the time we updated our codebase to contain SegWit but stopped short of activating it.

I don’t want to get into a massive discussion on this but at the time our reasoning for not activating SegWit was as follows:

1) There was no immediate pressing need for us to do so.
2) It was unclear whether it would ever activate for Bitcoin themselves in its current form or whether they would eventually give up and implement it differently.

3) The current implementation of SegWit as done by the Bitcoin team was non-optimal – for our use case.

While we can understand why the Bitcoin team did SegWit the way they did with a focus on backwards compatibility at all costs (even though there is argument to be had that perhaps they should have done it differently).
We don’t believe…


Mobile apps
Desktop apps

Combat the wild fluctuations in hash rate. Reduce long block time gaps without the need for additional dedicated hash rate.

Gulden for iOS

New graphics and updated UI. Latest codebase updates. Nocks integration.

(100% funded)

Gulden for Android

Completely new UI. Latest codebase updates. Nocks integration.

(100% funded)

Available on Google Play

Project Q

IBAN/SEPA Integration.


Next Generation Desktop UI. Fully integrated accounts with mnemonic HD support. HD link feature between Mobile and Desktop. Bitcoin and IBAN payments in desktop wallets.


Improve block targeting by 23%. Reduce long blocks by 60%.


Support for read only (Watch) HD accounts and seeds. Additional RPC commands and UI changes added for HD account support and ease of use improvements.

Gulden 2.0 - PoW² I

Increased protection against double spends. Faster acceptance of transactions.

Click here for the whitepaper

Estimated release date:
November 2017


A blockchain that is 25% more efficient. Solves the malleability issue.

Estimated release date:
November 2017

Gulden for iOS

HD link feature between Mobile and Desktop.

Estimated release date:
November 2017


Wallet ready to use in minutes instead of hours.


Secure zero confirmation transactions.


More information coming soon.

The information provided in this document is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.